“Good leaders are role models at work. Great leaders are role models in life.“

– Adam Grant

Emerging Human specializes in developing leaders and
influencing culture through connection.

We do this by creating interactive programs designed to encourage authenticity, curiosity, and
receptivity. Our programs maximize relationships among many layers throughout your organization
because learning with others creates deeper shifts and ripple effects that continue well after the
experience. Here are few core components of our unique approach:

Facilitated peer mentoring

Guided experience for multiple stakeholders

Global, virtual delivery

Human-centered approach

Measuring metrics for success

Ecosystem of development that changes culture

“When we look at measurable results, this is the most effective talent
development program we have here at HP.“

— Tracy Keogh, Former CHRO, HP, current CPO, Great Hill Partners

Our Measured Results

Increased Engagement
Reduction in Attrition
Career Mobility

Targeted Development

High-Potential Talent

Hi-Pos are your most valuable asset and it's important to invest in their ongoing development. Where the goal is retention, career mobility, diversity, or preparation for increased, engaged, and able to maximize their unique contribution to your organization's success.

New Managers

Moving from an individual contributor role to managing people and teams requires special attention. We help individuals step into the future of leadership by emphasizing a coaching style of management that builds leadership identity, emphasizes relationships, and teaches new managers how to create a highly engaged followership.

Women's Leadership
(in Tech and beyond)

Increasing women's leadership increases collaboration, organizational effectiveness, and bottom line profits. It's especially important for diverse gender representation in roles that shape and innovate our technology. Here is one of our most powerful programs, with many of the same components you will see in all of our offerings.

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For more in-depth information visit our Emerging Women website: emergingwomen.com

Leadership Equity

A diverse and inclusive leadership profile is essential for organizations who want to build and maintain a competitive advantage. These programs ensure that your executive and rising leaders are comfortable and knowledgable about ways to create a strong sense of belonging among their teams. Encouraging and practicing real conversations about race, gender, LGBTQ, and other issues that impact your organization is essential to a thriving and innovative culture.

Watch our Leadership Equity video

Strategic Leadership Development (DEI&J)

With our connection-based development model, we provide business coaching services and classes that naturally develop leaders into feeling more confident, supported, clear about their talent and ready for more – engagement, leadership, responsibility and visibility. This approach is helpful for those organizations wanting to lift up underrepresented populations to diversify their leadership team. Participants appreciate the deep growth and attention, and the organization benefits from diversifying at the top. Everybody wins.

High-Performance Teams

Diverse teams where members feel safe to be authentic - and to fail - are the most innovative, effective and high performing. We create the environment for team members to contribute their unique talents while working together to further their goals as a group. The connection is deep and continues long after the program ends.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.“

— Buckminister Fuller

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